A Teenage Christian Musical

Musical Script

Copyright 2004

Revised Version Copyright 2017

By Charles H. Hill

All Rights Reserved


(In order of appearance. All are teens except where indicated. Can be supplemented by additional non-speaking parts.)


Mike – Meagan’s Boyfriend

Meagan – Mike’s Girlfriend

Joe – Katie’s Boyfriend

Katie – Joe’s Girlfriend

Linda – Rick’s Girlfriend

Rick – Linda’s Boyfriend

Karen – Steve’s Girlfriend

Steve – Karen’s Boyfriend


Sunday School Kid One

Sunday School Kid Two

Sunday School Kid Three

Debra, Girl at the Honky Tonk

Shelia, Friend of Debra




The present or recent past. The musical covers a time period of about a week.


There are several locations as described in the musical. The stage setting may be configured with a left and right side as described to move from Scene to Scene, or just the central area with curtain use or lights for Scene changes, depending on the configuration of the production facility being used. Scene setting descriptions typically assume a two-sided configuration.

Music instrument notes are for musicians, if used. These can be ignored if the Finding soundtrack is used for the production.

Some suggestions for choreography are given, but be creative!


Musical begins.

Curtains raise, lights stay off/dim. If the stage is divided into two halves, left and right (see Setting), it will stay that way for the remainder of the performance. Cast is in a line in front of the stage division. Cast (as many as 9 of the lead characters (not Cliff), depending on the timing described below) sings “What Do We Believe In?” starting fairly softly. Music (piano, guitar, strings as appropriate for effect, keep it soft) may be added as song progresses and song volume builds. First cast member (Meagan) on the left (from audience’s perspective) lights a candle and initiates the song. Meagan then lights the candle of the cast member next to her and this continues until all candles are lit – each person joins his/her voice to the song as their candle is lit. Time the candles for effect, it should take about the length of time to sing the first verse, chorus and maybe part of the second verse to light all the candles. At the start of the last verse, the first cast member on the right blows his/her candle out (and stops singing) and then each in turn across the stage until only Meagan on the left has a lit candle and is singing. Moves quickly, it should take about as long as the last verse. Meagan sings the chorus, and then all cast members join for the two chorus repeats, with half of them starting the overlapping chorus as indicated in the music. At the conclusion of the song, Meagan blows the last candle out and all cast members go down on one knee.)


What do we believe, in our minds,

What can we achieve, in our time.

We’re a generation, that’s oh, so different from the rest.

Chorus – What do we believe in? What do we believe in? We need to understand, what do we believe in?

Will we wander highways aimlessly,

Or will we make our mark, in history.

We’re a generation, that’s finding how to leave the nest.


Will we keep on wishing on a star,

Or will we just accept how things are.

We’re a generation, that has to put life to the test.


Will we find direction from within,

Or hear the voice of God in the wind.

We’re a generation, that wants to, needs to be the best.

Chorus. Chorus. Chorus. (Start next chorus at the same time as the last syllable of “in” in the previous chorus)

(End of song WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN? The lights go out or curtain is drawn)


Curtains raise or lights go up. Meagan, Mike, Jill, Joe, Katie and the other friends are sitting around a room with tables and chairs (a club or party room) talking, some pretending to smoke or drink (if OK with performance group). They are on the right side of the stage. The left side has the lights blacked out or the curtain drawn.)

Jill: I can’t believe it. We’ve only been in school for a month and I’m already sooo stressed.

Mike: (Looks at her) That’s crazy. School’s a pain. If it weren’t for weekends and the chance to hang like this, I’d be bored to death.

Jill: (Looks up and rolls her eyes) Don’t you ever take anything seriously, Mike? You can’t just blow off school (pauses), It’s too important.

Mike: (Crosses his arms) Important? Dude, school don’t mean nothin’. I get by, but it’s just a waste of time. It doesn’t actually teach us anything important, like making money and having fun.

Jill: Hey, I like a good time as much as the next guy, but I have to think of things like school too, and what comes after that. (Turns to Meagan) Tell him he’s crazy, Meagan.

Meagan: I’m not calling anyone crazy. (Shakes her head) It seems like I don’t know what’s okay anymore… now THAT’s stress!

Joe: (Gets up if he was sitting) What are you getting so worked up about? Mike’s right. Life is short. You gotta live for now, not worry all the time. Smoke? (Offers Meagan a cigarette). [Production cast decide if appropriate]

Meagan: (Raises a hand) No thanks.

Katie: I blame all this stress on our parents. They worry so much about what’s going to happen to us that we start to worry about it ourselves.

Linda: (Looks up at the ceiling) Ahhh, stress. Where would we be without it?

Rick: (Gets up (if sitting) and walks back and forth) You’re all crazy. You don’t know anything about stress. Try working in the oil fields paycheck to paycheck, never knowing if you’re gonna be hurt or laid off, AND having to feed your family. That’s what my dad did for 20 years. That’s stress!

Linda: (Nods her head) You got a point there.

Karen: (Looks around at the others) Yeah, I guess our parents may have had some tough times, but things were different back then. Everybody expects so much more now.

Jill: Like with education… there’s so much pressure to get ahead.

Linda: That’s a pressure I don’t think our parents knew – the choices you make now have such an impact on where you’ll be later on.

Joe: (Lifts his hands) Aren’t we getting a little carried away?

Karen: (Shakes her head) I don’t think so. So much can happen… this is the time to buckle down and focus.

Mike: (Looks at Karen) Sure, stuff happens but things seem to work out. You’re only young once. You go for it now or you sit around regretting it for the rest of your life.

Meagan: I don’t know, Mike, maybe you’re right. (Pauses and looks at Mike) But everything’s just so confusing. “Going for it” (Does air quotes) isn’t what they teach in Church, but I’m not sure they teach you how to be successful.

Katie: Church? (Crosses her arms, shrugs her shoulders) Come on, Meagan. Church is all about history. I mean it’s beautiful and stuff but what’s important is learning how to look out for yourself.

Mike: (Nods his head) Yeah, Meagan. Listen to me. (He walks her toward the front of the stage, a little to the side) This is your man talking. You gotta learn how to look out for number one! (He walks back to the others)

Mike, Joe, Katie, and Rick form a line with their backs to the audience. They turn their collars up, and, out of sight to the audience, put sunglasses on. They then turn around and sing “Looking Out For Number One”. Rock beat (Think Elvis!). Mike, Joe, Katie (can do her verse with a rap flair if she wants) and Rick sing verses in that order, directed at Meagan (front and to the side). All sing chorus (add “Whooo” after each half verse of 1st 2 lines of chorus). Dance number and gestures by each singer as appropriate as they sing, with others moving in unison. Instruments can include drums, electric guitars, piano/organ, even sax, whatever works. Much enthusiasm, group claps to encourage audience to clap. Song ends at “For Number One” with all singers pointing at Meagan, and then slowly turning their finger to point at themselves. At conclusion of song, singers return to their places except Mike who walks over to Meagan.



I gotta ask you girl, why do you try?

Why have compassion for the other guy?

This world is crazy and it isn’t fair,

You gotta hustle just to get your share,

Nobody else is looking out for you,

Don’t you be satisfied with number two.

Chorus – I’m looking out, for number one.

I’m looking out, for number one.

I’m looking out, for number one.


Open your eyes girl and look around,

If you’re not climbing then you’re going down.

Like it or not it’s a material world,

And money’s talking can you hear it girl?

When “little people” make a fuss you gotta be strong,

‘Cause looking out for number one just can’t be wrong.



I know you like to have it fair for all,

That way of thinking’s gonna bring a fall.

All things aren’t equal, no, they never were,

So take what’s given you, and don’t make a stir.

Ignore the rest of them that tell you to stop

Avoid the bottom girl, you take the top.



I used to worry ‘bout my place in line,

Understood the golden rule and that was fine.

But people took advantage of my innocent ways,

And made me understand that seeking pleasure pays.

I only want whatever’s best for me,

But world I want it now, and world I want it free!





Mike: You see, Meagan, (puts his arm around her) you take care of yourself first and everything else comes second. (Drops his arm and walks toward the rest of them) So let’s chill out!

Jill: (Moves closer to Mike) You know Mike, you could convince me of almost anything. If you weren’t Meagan’s boyfriend…

Meagan: (Interrupts Jill with her fist raised) Yeah, well he is, Jill (laughs). Still, I wish I could be so confident about things. I mean, it’s not like everything’s black or white.

Joe: Why make it so complex? It’s black or it’s white.

Katie: (Rapidly) It’s up or it’s down.

Mike: (Rapidly) You’re in or you’re out… and Meg, (Points at her) You’re in. WE’RE in (Spreads his arms). Everyone else… (Shakes his head and jerks his thumb) not so much. (Sits down)

Meagan: (Shakes her head) But people are so different, Mike. I feel everyone has something to offer. (Pause) Even guys you wouldn’t expect, like that Cliff guy.

Karen: (Puts her hand to her face) Ooh… you mean that guy in third period? (Smiles and nods her head) He’s kinda cute.

Meagan: (Shrugs her shoulders) I don’t know about that. But he does say some interesting things.

Karen: Yeah? Like what?

Meagan: (Looks up, thinking) Well, he seems to be… kind of religious or something. I mean, he doesn’t talk about RELIGION (She does air quotes), but he talks about being at peace with yourself and stuff.

Steve: Ha! You ever heard the saying, “nice guys finish last?” This dude is the ultimate nice guy.

Meagan: (Puts a hand up) I’m not trying to defend him or anything. He just seems… different.

Mike: Look Meg. Think about it. What’s HE ever done? Is he a big deal at school or something? (gets up, starting to act perturbed, with his voice raising) What does he do that makes him so special?

Katie: (Puts up her hands) Hey, cool it guys! We’re here to have fun, not to solve the world’s problems. (Nervous laugh) And certainly not to sit around talking about some Jesus freak. If he was that cool, he’d be hanging with US! Right?

All the rest (except Meagan): Right/Yeah/Retweet! Etc.

(The lights go out or curtain is drawn.)


The lights go up or the curtain is drawn on the left side of the stage. The right side remains dark or closed off. The scene is Cliff and some younger kids sitting around in a semi-circle on some chairs. There is a cross on the wall.

Cliff: (Puts down a bible that he just read from and looks around the circle) So kids, did you understand that lesson?

Kid One: (After a pause) Well, I don’t understand why he was so hard on that rich guy. Like, the guy was ready to follow Jesus, but Jesus wanted him to give up all he owned.

Kid Two: (Nods his/her head) Yeah. It doesn’t seem fair! He wasn’t asking anyone else to give up everything.

Cliff: (Smiles and nods his head) Jesus was asking the rich man to give up what he wanted the most, his riches. That’s because we’re always putting something else before God. It’s hard, but we have to learn to put ourselves second. There’s nothing wrong with putting others first.

Kid One: (Raises his/her hand, Cliff nods at him/her) But doesn’t the Bible just talk about stuff that happened a long time ago?

Cliff: It does, but it still means a lot to us today. It even talks about what will happen in the future.

Kid Three: (Turns to other kids) He OBVIOUSLY means Revelations.

Cliff: (Chuckles and nods his head), Yeah.

Kid Three: (Turns to Cliff) But I don’t get Revelations.

Kid Two: (Turns to Kid Three) But we don’t have to get it! We don’t have to understand it, only God does.

Cliff: (Laughing) Right. (Raises a finger) We’re supposed to try HARD to understand, but we’ve got to have faith too. I don’t completely understand all about Revelations either (Opens his hands like a book), but I do think about it a lot. I have questions just like you. Would you believe I even dreamed about this the other night? Wanna hear?

All the Kids: (Nod their heads) Yeah/Tell us/That’s cool! Etc.

Cliff: OK, let me sing it to you.

Cliff sings “Revelations”. He can pick up and play a guitar, if able, or fake it, or just sing to the soundtrack. It starts slow, speeding up after third verse, verses 4-6 are fast. (It’s not in the musical score but the cast may want to experiment with other male voices humming the harmony for verses 4-6). Last verse is slow again, and soft. Guitar accompaniment suggested. For those old enough to remember, the pace of the fast part would be similar to the theme song for the TV show Rawhide.


Yesterday I dreamed like any other day,

My dream was free to come and go at will.

Unhindered by the pass of time, or ways by human laws defined,

It sped along its way.

Of course it tested many roads along the start,

As dreams without direction often do.

But soon it found a familiar trail, the endless path of rationale

Proceeding from my heart.

Once again the questions seemed to flood my mind,

And begged me for some answers if I knew.

What’s life, what’s love, what’s destiny, what force decides what all must be,

I surely must be blind.

Then I saw a coal black stallion gallop ‘cross the sky,

His rider held a balance in his hand,

A white horse and a red horse too, the pale horse rider him I knew,

And death was in his eye.

I trembled as an earthquake ripped the universe,

And stars fell down like fruit from many trees.

With seven trumpets blowing strong, and rulers telling right from wrong,

A prayer and then a curse.

A dragon had been chained and now was led away,

Down golden streets where jewels brightly blazed.

I thought I saw a snow-white throne, then I awoke and all alone

In Revelation lay.

In dreams I reach out searching for infinity.

Awakened all I know is what I feel.

My mind’s too small to understand, but still I know a guiding hand

Is reaching out for me.

(End of song REVELATIONS)

Cliff: (Smiles, puts the guitar down if he played one) OK, sorry, I got a little carried away. There are some really strong images there for us to think about. But the main thing is we don’t have to understand everything… we have God and we can rely on him to help sort things out. Questions?

Kids: (Look at each other and back at Cliff. Shake their heads)

Cliff: That’s about it for tonight, guys, OK? How about we end with a prayer. (They all bow their heads and Cliff moves his lips as if in prayer for a moment. They raise their heads) See you next week.

(They all get up and walk off the stage. The lights go out or curtain is drawn).


The lights are out or the curtain drawn on the left side. The lights come up just a little or the curtain opens on the right side. It is night. Mike and Meagan are sitting on chairs side by side, Joe and Katie are on chairs behind them, they are simulating being in a car. There are two lights out front simulating headlights. They are at a slight angle, nearly parallel with the audience and Mike is the driver. Joe and Katie have drinks. The car is parked, they haven’t left yet. Everyone is laughing.

Mike: (Over his shoulder) That was so much fun! What are we doing tomorrow night?

Joe: I dunno, we were here last week too. I could use somewhere else to chill.

Katie: (Leans forward) We could go to the mall, there’s a movie there I wanted to see…

Joe: (Nods his head toward Meagan and laughs in a mocking way) Yeah, about some girl who’s trying to figure out the meaning of life. She seeks religious counsel with some goofball from her school…

Katie: (Cuts him off) Oh cut it out Joe. Meagan’s got her head on straight, right Meg?

Meagan: (Looking back) Yeah, I guess so. I mean I think so. Everything just comes so easy for you guys, no tomorrows… just todays.

Mike: (Gives her a thumbs up) Yeah, like we told you. It’s a feel good thing. If it feels good, you do it. Don’t worry about the rest.

Meagan: (After a pause, she leans toward Mike and looks closely at him) You OK Mike? I mean like, are you OK to drive?

Mike: (Smiles at her) Sure. No problem. (Simulates starting the engine [engine noise sound effect if available]. Let’s roll. (Mike simulates shifting gears. Group leans back simulating the car moving out, Mike driving).

Joe: This is kind of rough weather man, take it easy.

Mike: Yeah… whatever. (Leans forward as if trying to see better)

(All of a sudden, Mike slams on the brakes and turns the steering wheel. The group reacts like the car has swerved and Meagan screams. Cliff has come up unnoticed [to the audience] and falls in front of the lights like he has been hit. The four in the car express shock and look at each other. The lights all go out or the curtain is closed).


The lights come up or the curtain opens on the left side. Mike, Meagan, Katie, Joe, Rick, Steve and Jill are sitting around a room with a couch and chairs talking. Meagan needs to be in a dress, as it is referred to in the next song.

Mike: (Shakes his head) You know, it’s been less than a week since the accident, but it seems like it happened yesterday, (Shakes his head again) I still can’t believe it. Where’d he come from? I didn’t even see him.

Jill: (Reaches a hand toward him) It wasn’t your fault, Mike. The weather was bad. You all said he just walked out from behind a parked car.

Meagan: (Has her head down) Thank God he wasn’t killed.

Joe: Yeah. And it was really weird that it was that Cliff guy. I mean we had just been talking about him.

Katie: The kids at school said he’s paralyzed or something. He can’t walk.

Steve: Woah… that’s crazy.

Meagan: (Head was down, looks up) I think maybe we should go visit him in the hospital.

Mike: But that would be kinda embarrassing, we don’t even know the guy. (Looks at the others) We’re probably the last people he wants to see, anyway. (After a pause) He probably hates us.

Meagan: (Pause) But it was our fault…

Mike: (Cuts her off) No, it’s his fault! He walked right in front of the car (motions with his arm). Like, we all feel bad about it but there’s nothing we can do. We can’t let this ruin our lives.

Katie: (In a tentative voice) I think he’s right, Meagan. We can feel sorry without getting emotionally involved with him.

Meagan: (Quickly) We’re already involved…

Mike: (Cuts her off again) No we’re not! If you want to go to the hospital (pointing away), go ahead. We’ve got other things to do!

Meagan: Well… maybe I will! (Turns away and crosses her arms in a huff).

Jill: Mike, Meagan (puts her arm around Meagan), c’mon, let’s not fight.

Mike: She needs to get over it, Jill! It all started with that serious talk the other night about life or whatever. Now she’s forgotten all about us, and how to have fun.

Meagan: (Turns back to look at Mike) That’s the point! There are more important things than having fun.

Mike: (Throws up his hands) Whatever. (Pause). Well why don’t you go ask Cliff? Maybe HE’S got all the answers.

Meagan: (Turns to go, looking sorrowful) You just don’t understand… (Walks slowly out the door).

Jill: (Reaches out as Meagan is leaving) Meagan…

Joe: (Nods his head in Meagan’s direction) Let her go, she’ll be back

Jill: (Turns around to Mike) She’s just trying to figure things out, Mike.

Mike: (Turns to Jill) What’s with her? I mean, really. (Pauses, looks up) It’s like I don’t even know who she is anymore.

(Mike then faces the audience and sings WHO IS SHE? With a good beat. Walking to a spot with a spotlight on him would be appropriate. Other males can get up and join in choruses 2 and 3, clicking their fingers with some dance moves, if choreographed. Mike can dance with the others, as appropriate. Accompaniment probably piano and bass, can use a good beat, such as guitars)

(Song WHO IS SHE?)

I see the same sparkle in the same little eyes

She’s got the heads turning on all of the guys, but who is she? Lord, Lord, who is she?

She’s got that cute body and she moves it the same,

A very different girl with an identical name, so who is she? Lord, Lord, who is she?

Chorus – Yes just who’s that little girl, who used to be my sweet young thing?

Whoever took her from me, please bring her back again.

We had us something special, about as fine as can be,

But now I gotta wonder, who’s looking back at me? (repeat line)

She’s got the same mannerisms, got the same smile

But happy face or not she’s in a state of denial, now who is she? Lord, Lord, who is she?

She walks the same way and I remember the dress,

But who’s inside her head and why’s her thinking a mess, oh who is she? Lord, Lord, who is she?


I thought I really knew her ‘bout as good as can be,

But more and more she’s acting like a mystery to me, please who is she? Lord, Lord, who is she?

She’s still my best friend, I want her closer to me, but

She’s staring in the distance at a place I can’t see, and who is she? Lord, Lord, who is she?


(End of song WHO IS SHE? Mike joins the others)

Joe: (Points his thumb and index finger at Mike like he’s shooting a pistol) Well you’ve got her all figured out, man.

Mike: (Shakes head) You’d think, as long as we’ve been going out… you’d think I’d know her better.

Rick: Hey guys, Steve and I are taking off. (The two of them wave and walk out)

The rest of the group: (except Mike, still lost in his thoughts), OK/See you/etc.

Mike: (Shakes his head again) You’d think I’d know her better.

Jill: (Enthusiastic, comes over, takes Mike’s arm) Well this is your chance to get to know ME better. That new band from school is playing over at the club. (Looks at the others) Maybe the four of us could go.

Katie: (Smiles) Yeah, cool. There’s no reason the rest of us have to be miserable.

Joe: (Turns to Mike) What do you think, Mike?

Mike: (Turns his head, thinking) Well… I don’t know.

Jill: C’mon Mike. (Tugs his arm a little) It’ll be fun!

Mike: (Pause) Nah, I don’t think so. (Moves his arms gently so Jill’s hand is disengaged. Puts his hands in his pockets) Maybe some other time… (Turns and walks slowly away).

Jill: (Reaching out a hand) Mike… (voice trails off).

Joe: Well, it’s your lucky day girls! You get to share me! (smiles, opens his arms wide).

Katie: (Puts a fist in front of Joe’s face) Who said anything about sharing, you jerk!

Joe: Alright, relax (puts his hands up). Carpe diem. Just seizing the day (laughing).

Katie: (Sarcastically laughs) I’ll seize your two ears and twist ‘em off…

Jill: (Smiles and looks at them) So, this is what it’s like… being in love?

Katie: No (Shakes her head). Sometimes (shrugs her shoulders)… (Smiles and nods her head), okay most of the time.

Joe: (Smiles and sticks his thumb to his chest) Katie is such a lucky girl.

Katie: (Chokes) Give me a break…

Joe: So, Jill, (Turns to Jill) what were you saying abut this band?

Jill: I know a couple of the guys in it and they’re pretty good.

Katie: (Nods her head) That’s what everyone’s saying.

Joe: Sounds good to me. What are we waiting for?

Jill: I was really hoping Mike would come…

Joe: (Shrugs his shoulders) Guess that’s not happening. Can we go? (Makes a motion toward the exit)

Jill: (Pause) I don’t know…

Joe: Oh great! (Throwing his hands up) Well, come on Katie.

Katie: (Comes over to Jill) I’ll be there in a minute. (Joe walks off).

Jill: (Looks at Katie) Sorry Katie.

Katie: (Takes Jill’s hand) That’s OK. I guess it’s still about Mike?

Jill: Katie… doesn’t Mike see that I like him?

Katie: He only sees Meagan. (Puts her arm around Jill).

Jill: But they’re wrong for each other, can’t he see that? Why won’t he notice me?

Katie: Oh, I bet he will. Just give him time, Jill. (Gives Jill a hug and walks off).

(Jill faces the audience. Spotlight on her. She sings “Toy Soldier”. Piano or guitar accompaniment with maybe some base. Good beat starting after the Intro. Sung with much (teenage love) emotion. Walk up the last note to a high note.)



He doesn’t notice me. Oh, why can’t he see.

I might as well be… a toy upon a shelf.

Chorus – Toy soldier, with a painted smile,

Laughing on the outside, but crying all the while,

I’m your toy soldier, to place upon the shelf,

I brighten up your day, as I feel sorry for myself.

You don’t mean to hurt me I know,

You’ve other things on your mind.

But when I want so much to be with you,

You leave me standing there behind.


You have so many toys and playthings,

You don’t need a block of wood.

But I have so much love inside,

You know I’d give you if I could (repeat line).


(End of song TOY SOLDIER. The lights go out or curtain is drawn)


The lights go up or the curtain is raised on the other side of the stage. Cliff is in a bed in a hospital room, shoulders and head slightly elevated, reading a book. He has a bandage on one arm and on his head. The bed is at an angle with the foot toward the audience. There’s a chair beside the bed. [Staging note: Cliff sings two songs from his hospital room in the musical. Production may want to present Cliff facing the audience in a bed configuration that is not medically realistic, in order to facilitate musical dialog and song projection.]

Meagan: (Acts out knocking and sticking her head through the hospital room door) Hi.

Cliff: (Looks up, smiles) Hi yourself.

Meagan: (Hesitates, raises her arm slightly) Mind if I come in?

Cliff: Nah, come on in, (waves her in with his good arm) have a seat. (Meagan comes in and sits down in the chair beside the bed).

Cliff: (Peering more closely) I’ve seen you before around school? It’s Meagan, right?

Meagan: Yeah (Long pause, looks away. Looks back) How are you feeling?

Cliff: I’m OK.

Meagan: (Sighs) I guess you already know that I was in the car that night.

Cliff: I figured… thanks for coming by (gives a thumbs up).

Meagan: (Clasps her hands) We all feel terrible about what happened. It… it just doesn’t seem real.

Cliff: I know. (Nods his head and then winces) But it was mostly my fault. I was coming home from Church and my mind was occupied… (Shrugs his shoulders) I just walked right out into the street.

Meagan: The weather was pretty bad. We had just told Mike…

Cliff: (Interrupts) Mike?

Meagan: Yeah, Mike. Uh, he’s my… (looks down, slight smile) my friend. He was driving. Anyway, we had just told him to be careful.

Cliff: It wasn’t his fault. (Looks closer at Meagan) I bet it really shook him up.

Meagan: Yeah. (Shivers) It was scary – you lying there, the ambulances and all. Mike won’t admit it, but I know he was really scared.

Cliff: (Deep breath and release) Shoulda watched where I was going and none of this would have happened.

Meagan: (Pause) Are you… are you… paralyzed?

Cliff: Yeah, sort of. I don’t have any feeling in my legs. But the good news is something’s messed up in my back (points to his back) but it’s not broken. Some sort of trauma. The doctors don’t want to operate or anything yet. There’s maybe a good chance, that when the swelling goes down that things’ll heal themselves, and I’ll get the feeling back. It’s not as sore as it was, so I’m hopeful.

Meagan: (Smiles) Oh, that does sound better. I was afraid for the worst.

Cliff: I guess God was looking out for me (smiles).

Meagan: (Looks surprised) Really? You think God helped?

Cliff: Well… yeah (Shrugs his shoulders).

Meagan: Sorry, but if I were you, I’d be miserable. (pause, shakes her head) I’m miserable now.

Cliff: Why? What happened is over. I’ve gotta think positive now.

Meagan: But the alternatives are scary! You may never be able to use your legs again… (Puts her hands over her face with a sob, and then brings them down) oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to say that.

Cliff: (Reaches out and takes one of her hands) I know. You’re scared. (Pause) It is scary. But I’ve just got to believe things will turn out for the best. It’s in God’s hands now.

Meagan: What can He do? Like I believe in God but He seems so distant. (Withdraws her hand with a smile and puts her hands in her lap). I can’t see myself asking Him for help or anything.

Cliff: (Chuckles, shakes his head) That’s because you don’t know Him like I do. He’s there if you need Him, He really is. (Pauses) I’d like to sing you something if it’s OK.

Meagan: (A look of surprise, she nods her head)

(Cliff sings I’M OVERJOYED. Musical accompaniment as appropriate, including strings if available.)


Chorus – I’m overwhelmed when I think of all he gave for me.

I’m overcome thinking of the pain he bore.

I’m overawed just how simple saving grace can be.

I’m overjoyed that I’m saved forever more.

Oh walking down the road to eternity,

A man can wander from the way.

He must have some strength that he can turn to,

The Lord is there if he’ll just pray.


So if the world is closing in around you,

And day is turning into night,

Reach out and take the Lord’s hand in your hand,

And turn your face to Heaven’s light.


(End of song I’M OVERJOYED)

Meagan: (Nods her head, sighs) That was beautiful. I wish it was like that for me.

Cliff: It could be Meagan.

Meagan: (Sighs again and begins to speak quickly, with emotion) I don’t know. I’ve just had so many questions lately. I’m trying to understand. My friends tell me today is what‘s important. You talk about God. I know lots of successful people who have the things I want to have. They’re good people, and I don’t think they talk about God. But who knows what’s missing in their lives? Like I want to discover ME (points at her chest) and live my OWN life. But I’m not sure I’m ready for God… (opens her hands) I’m not sure God’s ready for me.

Cliff: I can see you’ve got a lot on your mind, Meagan. But when the time’s right… you’ll know God’s there.

Meagan: I will?

Cliff: Yes. And there’s one thing I know for sure… God loves you.

(Lights go out or curtain is drawn.)


The curtain opens or the lights go up on the right side. All the guys are in a pool hall-type establishment (pool table prop if available) on the right side of the stage. They are sitting around a table (use bar stools if appropriate) and a couple of them can be shooting pool, setting up shots that stretch out the conversation. There are a couple of new girls sitting off to the side at a different table. Debra, who is talking with her friend, Sheila, and eyeing Rick, will approach the guys and start talking to Rick.

Mike: So, Joe, what did you think of the band?

Joe: The band?

Mike: Yeah, you know. You and Katie and Jill were going over to the club.

Joe: Oh, yeah. Jill was right, they were really good! The lead guy was doing some amazing things on his guitar (simulates a wild air guitar act, moving his body, etc.)

Mike: What did Katie and Jill think?

Joe: (Shakes his head) No, man. Jill didn’t go, just Katie and I. You know, Jill just kind of got a little quiet after you left.

Mike: (Looks at Joe with a look of surprise) Oh?

Joe: Yeah. It’s sorta like she wanted to see the band, but only if you were going.

Mike: (Looks at Joe again, and then looks away as if thinking. There is a pause, neither of them says anything)

Rick: (Looks at Mike and Joe) Well I have to say, it’s good to be chilling. Seems like things have really gotten tight since the accident.

Steve: (Takes a drink) Yeah, a dose of reality, it makes you think.

Joe: Right. (No one says anything for a minute or so)

Rick: Meagan took it hard, for sure.

Mike: (Nodding) Yeah, worried about her.

Steve: I know, she…

Debra: (Approaches Rick and interrupts Steve. She’s holding a bottle) Hey, haven’t I seen you around school? (Points at Rick) Aren’t you on the track team?

Rick: (Glancing over/up at her) Yeah, well, I was on the team for a while last year.

Debra: (Nods) I thought so, I was telling my friend Shelia over there (indicates the other table) I thought I knew you.

Rick: (Sounds bored) Oh, is that so?

Debra: Yeah, I think she’s got a thing for you (pauses, tilts her head and looks at him). I don’t think you’re too bad myself.

Steve: (With a smile) Well that’s ‘cause you don’t know him sweetie.

Rick: I don’t need your help Steve (waves his arm at him).

Debra: I don’t know, maybe you do, dear (moves closer). By the way, my name’s Debra.

Rick: Look… uh, Debra (gestures at Debra), we’re kind of in the middle of something here (waves his hand at the other guys).

Debra: Doesn’t look like it to me (glances around). So, will one of you guys buy me a drink? (waggles the bottle in her hand)

(The guys look back and forth at each other)

Rick: (Slowly gets up or turns toward Debra and puts his hands up in a stop sign) Hold on a minute, okay?

(Rick sings DON’T GO AWAY MAD (Country and Western style, choreography as appropriate. Steve and Joe join in the chorus starting with the 2nd chorus, hand clapping if appropriate. During the instrumental bridge, one of the guys can go over and do a short dance number with Sheila. Finish on a high note. Debra gives him disgusted body language during the song, such as hand on hip. After the song she turns and stalks away.)


Well me and the boys were just sittin’ ‘round here in this honky tonk,

Having some fun, talking and feeling fine,

Then you come over and started making those eyes at me,

Well honey, guess I’d better lay it on the line.


Don’t go away mad, just go away,

There ain’t no reason for a woman like you to stay.

I’ve been all over and I’ve seen a lot of ladies but you sure take the cake,

Don’t go away mad, just go away.

I like a woman who smiles and says she’d love to dance,

Here’s the situation, you’ve gone a little too far (read my lips).

You see I’m just not in the mood, for a big bunch of attitude,

So maybe it’s time, to move it on down the bar.

Now I might suggest, you put down the bottle and ease off the throttle

This didn’t start well, and I hope you’re seeing that too.

Now I’m not bragging I’m so darn special I can have my pick of girls,

But don’t hate me honey if I say that girl is not you.


Instrumental break


I really don’t wanna have to say this twice

Don’t be settin’ your sights on me.

Never wanna hear you calling me dear

You’re barking up the wrong dang tree.

Chorus, Chorus

(End of song DON’T GO AWAY MAD)

(At the conclusion of the song, the guys high five each other and Debra and her friend leave)

Steve: (Looks at the retreating girls) Well, that certainly made a statement.

Rick: Yeah, whatever.

Joe: (Looks at the others) OK, so now where were we?

(Lights go out or curtain is drawn)


The cast girls are sitting around on the left side of the stage, lights are dark or the curtain is drawn. They are in a living room in one of their houses. The guys can remain in the honkytonk scene on the right side of the stage, or a new scene with them sitting around somewhere can be created. The curtain opens or the lights go up. For the rest of the Scene, the guys and girls will be carrying on two separate conversations. When the girls are talking the guys are acting like they’re in conversation and vice versa. Through the alternating lines, a consistent thread is maintained for the two conversations.

Jill: Did you guys see that new movie over at the mall?

Katie: You mean the one with Keith [or substitute a movie star] in it? He is sooo incredible, like he is sooo good looking.

Linda: Yeah, he’s all right. (Sticks her hand out and looks at her fingernails) Did I tell you I used to go out with him, but I had to shut it down because he kept asking to marry me?

Meagan: (Laughing and throwing a pillow at Linda). In your dreams. As if he would look twice at you with all the chicks he’s got crawling all over him.

Katie: Didn’t he used to be in a soap opera?

Jill: Yeah, about two years ago, in The Rich and the Wretched. He played the moron intern who was always getting chewed out by Dr. Blakely.

Linda: (Laughs) Hard to imagine. Every guy in America is probably wishing they could be like him now.

Meagan: Speaking of guys, I wonder what our boys are up to tonight?

Katie: Probably over at someone’s house talking about sports.

Joe: … So he throws this air ball up there and the Bomber [or substitute a popular basketball player] grabs it in mid air and does this monster jam behind his back! (Acts it out).

Steve: I saw it (nods his head in agreement). The man defies gravity! He is sooo incredible. Like he has sooo many moves (Says it the way Katie said her line).

Mike: Yeah, he’s all right. (Interlaces his fingers and pushes them out in a stretch) Did I tell you I used to play him one on one, but I had to shut it down because he was such a poor loser?

Rick: (Laughing and throwing a coaster at him) In your dreams. As if he had time for one on one with chicks crawling all over him. (Takes a drink)

Steve: Didn’t he used to play semi-pro ball?

Joe: Yeah, about four years ago on some little team down in Florida. Believe it or not but he used to regularly get his butt kicked by the Stickman [or substitute another popular basketball player].

Mike: Hard to imagine. Every guy in America is probably wishing they could be like him now.

Rick: Well, he’s got springs for legs. (Gestures to the rest of the guys) The rest of us will just have to do the school thing to get a decent job.

Jill: (Hands on head) I swear, school is getting harder and harder.

Katie: Are you on about that again? Why is it always school, school, school?

Mike: Like school should be illegal. What good is it?

Karen: It has its ups and downs. What bothers me is I don’t think it’s teaching me enough about life.

Steve: Makes you wonder. I can’t imagine when I’m going to need Conversational Latin.

Linda: (Immediately) You mean you don’t get that in Ancient Civilizations?

Steve: (Immediately) …Or Wood Shop.

Karen: (Immediately) …Or Music Appreciation?

Rick: (Immediately) …Or Introduction to Stagecraft Arts.

All: (In unison) But you need the credits for college!

Linda: (With a sigh, mimicking adults) Ah yes, College, the great mystery hanging over our heads.

Rick: Did you hear Gretchen’s brother got into Harvard?

Jill: It’s a mystery to me why some of us get into the good schools and some don’t.

Steve: That’s no mystery, their family has money (Raises on hand and rubs his thumb and fingers together). He probably bought his way in.

Katie: I for one will be glad when all this college pressure is over.

Mike: Can’t we find something more important to talk about than college?

Linda: Well I’ve got a lot of work to do on my wardrobe before I go to college.

Karen: Have you been to that new store in the mall? They’ve got like the hottest fashions.

Katie: Oh I know! They’ve got this adorable little skirt there that I would just die for!

Karen: Yeah, but for a coupla hundred, you’re Mom would probably die too.

Katie: (Nods) That’s true. My Mom and I have never seen eye to eye on clothes. She thinks I need to look like the school librarian or something.

Jill: Parents just don’t get it! Have you seen the stuff they wore when they were young?

Linda: You mean like the ridiculous boxy shapes? And turtlenecks?

Katie: And neon, and teased-up hair?

All Girls: (Collective groan) Ugh! or Eww!

Linda: Oh well, maybe they only wore them because that’s all they could afford. (All Girls laugh).

Jill: I could talk about clothes all day. It’s a shame the guys don’t have anything like that to talk about.

Rick: Have you been to that new sports car dealership across town? They’ve got the coolest cars there.

Mike: I know. They’ve got a little convertible I could just kill for.

Steve: Yeah, but at fifty grand plus, your Dad would probably kill you.

Mike: (Nods) That’s true. My Dad and I have never seen eye to eye when it comes to cars. I guess he thinks I should be driving a station wagon or something.

Joe: Like you can’t understand parents. Have you seen the stuff they drove when they were young?

Rick: You mean like those boring sedans? And how they would trick them up with kits for fins or spoilers?

Steve: Or chopped off backs with stretched out fronts you could probably live in?

All Boys: (Collective groan) Ugh!

Rick: Oh well, maybe they only drove them because that’s all they could afford. (All Boys laugh).

Joe: You know, I guess there was one thing those old land cruisers were good for, parking with your girlfriend.

Jill: Have ya’ll ever had trouble with a guy coming on too strong?

Steve: Parking’s kind of dumb, man. There’s plenty of other places to go with your girl.

Linda: (Rolls her eyes) Oh come on… of course! There’s only one thing guys are thinking of when you’re going out…

Rick: Yeah, but just because you go there doesn’t mean you’re getting anywhere (pause, tilts his head), if you know what I mean.

Karen: Oh, I don’t know. Most guys I know are pretty cool. I think they see us as more than just a score.

Mike: Hey, I think most of the stories I hear are made up anyway. Most guys and their “conquests” (Does air quotes) are highly overrated.

Katie: I believe that too. And as long as you’re careful, being with a guy beats anything else. Hanging out is better than having them hanging up.

Steve: That’s most guys man, not me. I’m after a meaningful relationship with a girl. (The others laugh or hoot). Hey, hanging out is better than having them hanging up.

Linda: Well, I tried something else that was pretty cool the other night. I tried a few hits of weed at a party.

Joe: Hey, did you hear Marty got busted for drugs last night?

Jill: No kidding? What was it like?

Rick: Is that right? What was he doing?

Linda: It was cool… kind of like a dreamy high. It was a weird feeling.

Joe: I don’t know, selling some pills. He was selling out of his car in the school PARKING lot of ALL places!

Meagan: Linda, you’ve got to be crazy! What if something went wrong?

Mike: There’s something that’s always gonna go wrong if you get wrapped up in drugs.

Linda: What could go wrong? It was just friends there. It’s not like I’m going to make a regular thing of it.

Steve: There are things that could go wrong even if you don’t get wrapped up in it. This is coming from a kid who has nooo desire to experiment with that stuff.

Jill: You never know. Any time you do drugs you could get into some bad stuff or get busted. It’s just not worth it.

Joe: Well, it’s like anything else… you have to make a decision. You have to look out for yourself, you have to look out for number one.

Katie: I agree. You gotta have your head straight, you gotta know what to believe in.

(Girls and Guys sing WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN? (Girls) and LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE (Guys) montage, constant beat. The words to the two songs are intermingled. Girls start and then guys come in at “-lieve” in “believe” in the girls’ chorus. The boys’ words are said with a constant Rap or hip-hop beat, either as a group or by individual performers (preferred). This is open to interpretation and creativity: the boys could choose to develop their own Rap style. Finish by repeating ‘Looking out for Number One at the end’. Positioning and movement of cast open to interpretation.



What do we believe in our minds, what can we achieve in our time,

We’re a generation, that’s oh, so different from the rest.

*What do we believe in, what do we believe in,

We need to understand, what do we believe in.*

(Girls continue to sing *this refrain* throughout the song)


*I gotta ask you girl why do you try, why have compassion for the other guy

This world is crazy and it isn’t fair, you gott hustle just to get your share

Nobody else is looking out for you, don’t you be satisfied with number two (repeat end phrase)

Open your eyes girl and look around, if you’re not climbing then you’re going down

Like it or not it’s a material world, and money’s talking can you hear it girl

When little people make a fuss you gotta be strong, ‘cause looking out for number one just can’t be wrong (repeat end phrase)

I know you like to have it fair for all, that way of thinking’s gonna bring a fall

All things aren’t equal, no, they never were, so take what’s given you and don’t make a stir

Ignore the rest of them that tell you to stop, avoid the bottom girl, you take the top (repeat end phrase)

I used to worry ‘bout my place in line, understood the golden rule and that was fine

But people took advantage of my innocent ways, and made me understand that seeking pleasure pays

I only want what ever’s best for me, but world I want it now, and world I want it free (repeat end phrase)

Open your eyes girl and look around, if you’re not climbing then you’re going down

Like it or not it’s a material world, and money’s talking can you hear it girl

When little people make a fuss you gotta be strong, ‘cause looking out for number one just can’t be wrong (repeat end phrase multiple times)

(End of song WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN?/LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE The lights go out or curtain is drawn)


Scene is Cliff’s hospital room. Left side of the stage. The right side is blacked out or curtain drawn. Meagan is seated next to Cliff’s bed towards the back of the stage. Same setup as Scene Six. Cliff’s bandage on his head is off now, and he just has an elastic band on his injured arm.

Meagan: Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

Cliff: (Flexes his arm) Yeah, I’m not as sore.

Meagan: So, what are the doctors saying?

Cliff: Still too early to tell. But I’m staying positive. (Smiles)

Meagan: I admire you for that (pause). (Looks at him) Cliff, do you remember when you said that God loves me? What did you mean…? I mean, how do you know?

Cliff: (Pauses) I know because that’s what I’ve been taught, He loves all of us Meagan. But more importantly, I know because I feel it in my heart (Taps his chest).

Meagan: (Shakes her head) But after what’s happened to you (pause) how can you still believe? Why don’t you hate God?

Cliff: (Frowns) God didn’t cause what happened. Maybe I ought to hate myself, but I’m trying not to do that (Smiles).

Meagan: (Puts a hand on her head) Everything is so complicated…

Cliff: (Interrupts her) Life is complicated. But people make it even more complicated than it has to be. (He pauses, looks up at her) Sorry, didn’t mean to sound so uptight. What I mean is, there are a few simple things we can trust in, things that don’t change.

Meagan: Like God?

Cliff: Yeah, like God. But also how God speaks to you. Like a little voice inside you. You need to listen to that voice Meagan.

Meagan: I think I know what you mean (her face brightens). I hear it sometimes. (Her face becomes more somber and she sighs) But there are lots of voices speaking inside me now, (pause) my friends, my parents, my teachers. They never stop. It’s like the universe, so big you can’t focus on what’s important. It makes me want to close my eyes and put my hands over my ears (she acts this out). Maybe God should save His breath.

Cliff: (Smiles, shakes his head) You’re so hard on yourself, Meagan. You can be sure God’s talking to you and He’s gonna keep on talking to you. You see everything as loud, crazy and confusing. The next time you hear God, you’ll be at peace. You’ll know it’s right because it feels right.

Meagan: Really?

Cliff: (Nods) Here, listen to this.

(Cliff sings THE UNIVERSE IS DARK AND COLD. Instrumentation starts and continues softly, can vary, depending on availability – piano, strings, flute.)


The universe is dark and cold, a vast eternity

Too large a space to comprehend, no end that I can see.

I walk into, a Summer’s eve’, and listen for a sound

But all I hear’s the dead of night, the silence drifting down.

The dancing stars like points of light, are painted ‘cross the sky

They can’t be measured but I feel, the order they imply.

Yet if this void is so immense, what does it signify?

And are we known or all alone, where does the answer lie?

Is there a God Who has no end, beyond all form and time?

And yet appears to each of us, inside our hearts and minds?

A still small voice tells me He’s real, He’s watching from above

He’s everywhere but yet He’s mine, for just my faith and love.


Meagan: (Sighs) Well, that definitely speaks to me. I wish I could hear that still small voice all the time instead of all the noise in my head.

Cliff: God can speak to you in many ways, even while all that noise in your life goes on. Speaking of noise, (he smiles), sorry… how are your friends?

Meagan: (Shrugs her shoulders) Oh, fine, I guess. I feel we’re having trouble connecting ever since the accident. But I don’t think it’s them, I think I’m just finally realizing there were some changes building inside me.

Cliff: And how about Mike (looks sideways at her).

Meagan: (Looks at Cliff, then down) I think it’s been hardest on him. He really doesn’t understand me now. I think he’s confused too, but he… he just hides it (Shakes her head).

Cliff: I’m sure the accident was really tough on him, I’m praying for him.

Meagan: (With a look of astonishment) You are something else! I wouldn’t think you’d care about what was going on with Mike.

Cliff: (Surprised look) Of course I do. And God is reaching out to him too.

Meagan: Do you think so?

Cliff: Sure. I think Mike needs something to believe in, and God will be there for him when he’s ready.

Meagan: Oh, I hope so. I know I want something to believe in. I WANT God to speak to me. I WANT to be loved.

Cliff: (Quickly) And you are, Meagan, you are lo… (Breaks it off in an embarrassed silence, looks down).

Meagan: (Looks quickly at him and then away with slight smile. Keeps silent for a moment). I know Cliff. Sometimes I do feel God wants me for some special purpose, but I don’t know what or why.

Cliff: I feel the same way Meagan.

Meagan: So, you’ve just got to get better, OK?

Cliff: (Smiles) Have faith, I will.

Meagan: Thanks Cliff… for everything. I’ve got to go now.

(She walks to the front of the stage. The lights go down with only a spotlight on Meagan).

Meagan: (Talking to herself) Cliff’s right, I think. Maybe I just need to listen harder for God. (Closes her eyes. There is a period of silence. Then she looks up as if she’s speaking to God). God, I’m so messed up. You’re reaching out for me, aren’t you? You love me, don’t you? But why? Why me?

(Meagan sings WHY. First verse and first chorus. Other voices may join on the line “Oh You who knew the cross Lord, You who saved us all” for the rest of the song. Full instrumentation, if appropriate.)

(Song WHY?)

Why do You love me, why do You care,

When I was lost and lonely, You found me there,

Oh, You who knew the cross Lord, You who saved us all,

Oh why do You love me, so sinful and so small?

Why do You want me, why do You try,

I fear so many things Lord, I fear I’ll die,

Oh, You who knew the cross Lord, You who saved us all,

Oh why do You want me, so sinful and so small?

Chorus 1 – Use Your grace on more deserving ones than I,

I’m not worth it Lord why don’t You pass me by, oh why, oh why?

Why do You need me what can I do,

I have no things of value, to offer You,

Oh, You who knew the cross Lord, You who saved us all,

Oh why to You need me, so sinful and so small?

Chorus 2 – You see I’m weak while those around me are so strong.

Give Your love to them why can’t You see I’m wrong.

Chorus 1 – Use Your grace on more deserving ones than I,

I’m not worth it Lord why don’t You pass me by, oh why, oh why, oh why?(Repeat)

(End of song WHY? The lights go out or curtain is drawn.)


Setting. The lights go up or the curtain opens on the right. All the kids except Meagan and Cliff are standing around or sitting in boy-girl pairs except Jill and Mike who are separate.

Joe: Well the good guys won again last night. I think we’re going all the way this year.

Steve: Yeah, baby.

Jill: The basketball game? Absolutely, that was exciting!

Rick: Everyone was there.

Steve: It was a rush, loudest I’ve ever heard it.

(Long Pause)

Katie: (Looking around) Well, this group is awful quiet.

Joe: You know (puts both hands up), I’ll go ahead and say it. This group hasn’t been the same since that accident. We’ve been talking about some heavy stuff. (Shakes his head)

Karen: Well, it makes you think about what’s really important.

Steve: Yeah, like the “S” word for instance – school. I want you guys to be the first to know, I just got accepted to State [or fill in local college]. (Waves his fists in the air) (Everyone calls out, congratulates him).

Karen: (Hugging him) Way to go, Steve.

Rick: Great, maybe you can be my roommate as soon as I hear something.

Linda: Ha! Fat chance! (Everyone laughs).

Katie: Well, it’s something to celebrate. And I know something else. (Pause) It’s Jill’s birthday! (Everyone congratulates her).

Katie: (Moves over and gives Jill a hug)) Happy birthday Jill. (Looks around the room) I say we find someplace to go and have a serious party! (Mike also moves closer to Jill)

Mike: I’ve got a better idea. You guys party while Jill and I get to know each other better. (Everyone goes “Ooohh”).

Jill: Oh Mike (with a deep breath)… (They hold hands).

Steve: (Looks at Mike and Jill) Um, didn’t see that coming. And speaking of the missing party, I wonder where Meagan is?

Karen: Don’t you know anything, Steve? She’s been spending a lot of time with Cliff lately.

Steve: Yeah, how’s he doing anyway?

(Meagan enters pushing Cliff in a wheelchair)

Meagan: Why don’t you ask him? Hey everyone, this is Cliff.

(Everyone crowds around, talking to him. Jill draws Meagan off to the side toward the front of the stage).

Mike: (Goes up to shake Cliff’s hand) Hey, Cliff, I’m Mike. (Pauses) So how’re you doing? I feel really bad about what happened.

Cliff: Thanks Mike, don’t sweat it. I’m doing well.

Jill: (To Meagan) Meagan, you’re looking great! Last time I saw you, you were so depressed.

Meagan: I know, Jill. (Gives her a hug) I think I’m really starting to find myself. Cliff has helped a lot.

Jill: That’s great! (Pauses) Uh, Meagan… I don’t know how to say this, but Mike and I…

Meagan: (Interrupts, laughing) I know Jill, you and Mike have found each other. I’m happy for you.

Jill: (Smiles) Really Meg? I didn’t know how you’d take it.

Meagan: (Shrugs her shoulders) Things change, Jill, I know that. Lord knows there’s been a lot of changes in me.

Jill: Well I don’t think I’ve seen you happier, Meg. It’s like old times again.

Cliff: (To the group) Hey guys, I heard some talk about celebrating when we came in. (The group gets quiet) I’ve got something to be thankful for too. Meagan… (She turns to face him. Then he slowly gets up out of the wheelchair and carefully walks over to Meagan. They hug while everyone else cheers and applauds).

Meagan: Cliff, I had no idea.

Cliff: Sorry to surprise you like this, Meagan, but I was cleared for PT a few days ago and figured this was a good time to show you.

Meagan: Oh Cliff, I’m so happy.

(The lights dim and a spotlight comes on Cliff and Meagan. Cliff and Meagan hold hands and sing NOW I KNOW. Piano, some base, some guitars or strings. Meagan sings the first two verses and chorus, Cliff the third verse and chorus, and both sing the last verse and chorus.)



You didn’t tell me, I was making bad decisions.

You didn’t tell me of the hurt you saw in me.

You didn’t tell me I was searching for just who I am,

But you knew that if you loved me I would see.

Chorus – But now I know, what love can do.

Now I see, why God sent you.

I am whole, ‘cause part of you is in my soul,

Now I know, what love can do, what love can do.


You didn’t tell me, being first is not the answer.

You didn’t tell me, what it means to give your all.

You didn’t tell me, that you’d stand behind me all the way,

And you’d be there to raise me up if I should fall.



You didn’t tell me, I could rise above my troubles.

You didn’t tell me, helping you would set me free.

You didn’t tell me, giving you my heart would make me strong,

And I’d become the person I was meant to be.


Meagan and Cliff

You didn’t tell me, what it’s like to love another.

You didn’t tell me, what a precious thing we’d share.

You didn’t tell me what a hero you’d be in my eyes,

Now if I need someone I know that you’ll be there.


What love can do

What love can do.

(End of song NOW I KNOW)

(The spotlight goes off and the lights go on. The couples get back together.)

Mike: (Coming over) Well, Meagan, I’m happy for you and Cliff.

Meagan: And you and Jill.

Jill: And thank God Cliff recovered.

All: Yeah! (Talking and general words of encouragement, high fives)

Cliff: It’s good to meet you guys at last.

Mike: Any friend of Meg’s is a friend of ours.

Meagan: (Shrugs, sheepish look) Well, the last time you guys saw me I was pretty confused.

Mike: I’ll say (Nodding his head).

Meagan: It was crazy. I was messed up.

Katie: It was a tough time. (Looks around) A tough time for all of us.

Meagan: But I didn’t just find Cliff since then, I found myself. And you know what? I’m not so crazy after all (smiles).

Karen: (Puts her arm around Meagan) We never believed you were crazy. But you were eating yourself up inside. We all were. And we wanted to help but we didn’t know how.

Cliff: The secret was her finding important things to believe in, like herself, and God.

Meagan: Cliff’s right. (Gives him a love tap on the shoulder) I didn’t have the answers then, and mostly I still don’t. But I’m working on having faith.

Jill: You mean like my having faith that Mike and I can be together (Smiles)?

Meagan: (Laughs) Well… sort of.

Rick: And faith that I’m going to get into college?

Meagan: Not faith in the impossible, Rick (Laughs). But faith in yourself and most importantly, faith in God.

Cliff: Blessed faith. Faith in our Lord, and faith in each other. We can do that.

Meagan: You know, when it comes right down to it, our generation, (Looks around) and especially you guys, are pretty special. (Everyone agrees loudly).

Cliff: And with faith, anything’s possible for us.

(Everyone lines up to sing “Oh Blessed Faith”. Much enthusiasm. Song is sung like a rousing spiritual, group echoes the lines (blessed faith). Verses by Jill, Mike, Cliff and Meagan, in that order. Verses are repeated at the end, sung by the whole cast. An option may be to bring in a small gospel choir during the song. The last verse is drawn out with much harmony. Those not singing the verses can go up and down the aisles, getting the audience to stand up and clap their hands. BIG FINISH! The break toward the end can be performed as is or the last segment can be used for an encore.

Instrumentation – anything goes, electric guitar, horns, whatever works.)



Oh blessed faith, peace with the Lord.

He touched my soul and oh my spirit soared.

I was a’running through the maze of life when He opened up the door

Oh blessed faith, peace with the Lord.


Oh blessed faith, peace within.

I know just who I am and where I’ve been.

I’m singing praise for Jesus, ‘cause he washed away my sin

Oh blessed faith, peace within.


Oh blessed faith, peace is here.

I find such comfort knowing that He’s near.

It must be blessed music sent from Heaven that I hear

Oh blessed faith, peace is here.


Oh blessed faith, peace for all.

When you feel your doubts and fears begin to fall.

The whole wide world walks hand in hand when they’re hearing Jesus’ call

Oh blessed faith, peace for all.


Oh blessed faith, peace with the Lord.

He touched my soul and oh my spirit soared.

I was running through the maze of life when He opened up the door

Oh blessed faith, peace with the Lord.

(Repeat twice)

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