There used to be an old Geritol TV commercial that said “When you’ve got your health, you’ve got just about everything.” Actually, according to Google, that expression can be attributed to a quote by Augusteen Burroughs. Could be, although I don’t plan to research it further. Oh, and if you stay on that topic on Google there are a number of people who take issue with that quote. Whatever.

As I grow older, the phrase seems more and more appropriate. Our thoughts, experiences, pursuits, and relationships are hugely affected by an underlying bedrock based on self-confidence in a healthy body. And if we add a healthy mind, the effect is even greater. Conversely, illness, injury or age to the body, (or mind challenges like anxiety) that add concerns about our health have a dampening effect on how we live our lives.

Granted, the over-pursuit of health, like anything else, could become an unhealthy obsession. And the pursuit of health in order to prolong the life of a morally corrupt individual is no endorsement of the subject. But it seems pointless (to me) to parse this overall supposition to look for exceptions. To repeat, being of sound health outweighs many/most other factors that affect the type of life most of us want to experience. Yeah, I think Geritol got it right.