There are certain stimuli that I believe most improve the human psyche, including received love, quiet moments, humor, art and music. By that I mean stimuli that most effectively drills past the barriers and safeguards we put up to protect our inner being, our most private self. Drill is probably not the right word, it is more of a resonance that seeps through those barriers and spreads into and enriches our core being. It causes a pleasurable and visceral feeling that we instinctively recognize is different from other pleasurable stimuli. Other people may point to other stimuli that does this for them.

 Music’s effect on us has been the subject of scientific study, and music’s neurological effects of the release of dopamine from the activation of certain brain regions is understood. But why this is the case is less certain. Moving past the science, which I don’t pretend to be an expert in, to pure speculation, I think there are certain rhythms to our lives, or our souls if you will, that are encoded in our DNA. These may be modified over time by our experiences. Music provides both a whole-body reception experience, as well as the reception and processing of the auditory frequencies. The net effect is the triggering of a pleasurable sensation at our very core, as has been described. At its best, music provides a feeling of wonder at the perfection of the stimulus, and a longing for the ability to produce something even remotely similar. It is like a reset button for whatever pent-up negative feelings and tensions that might be present.