Finding is a contemporary teenage Christian musical targeting high school students. The musical has 12 original songs that teens can really get into including ballad, rock, country and gospel musical styles. Although the overriding message is Christian in nature, the situations and songs should interest a wide variety of music performance groups.

Musical Synopsis. Meagan has been doing a lot of thinking lately –about life, herself, and God. Too much thinking according to her steady guy Mike, and her high school friends who want her back with the group. Then everything changes when their car accidently hits a classmate, Cliff, walking home on a stormy night. Meagan visits Cliff in the hospital, and a relationship develops that helps her search for faith, but puts strains on the group. Events play out from there that lead to an uplifting finish.


If you would like to order Finding (A Teenage Christian Musical), the resource package available for performing the musical includes :

  1. The 40 page script with 15 parts in printable electronic format, with prop, music and staging notes.

  2. A piano score and guitar chords for 12 original songs in printable electronic format.

  3. The musical soundtrack with multiple instruments for each of the songs that the performers will sing to.

  4. A sound/voice track of each of the songs, performed by professional musicians, to help the performers learn the songs.

You can access Licensing and Fees information here.

All materials are provided via a CD mailed to you. Please contact me if you have additional questions or you’re interested in purchasing the musical. If possible, I would love to come see your performance when it is scheduled.

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