Safe Streets

I have jogged for decades, one of the few forms of exercise I have been able to stay with. Over the years I have noticed that drivers, with whom I share the road, have become increasingly distracted.

With the windows up, the air conditioning on, and numerous competing stimuli within the vehicle, drivers are much less observant of the environment around them.

A common denominator of distracted driving is increased speed. So, the question I asked myself, is there something we can do about this?

What if there was something that might catch the driver’s eye and remind him/her to slow down in the presence of walkers, joggers, bicyclists, etc.?

The reminder should be non-confrontational, maybe humorous, so the driver wouldn’t take offense. And if the driver began seeing the reminder more often, a subliminal message might start to form.

The Slow Down Please cartoon and message on shirts worn by people, seen by drivers in growing numbers,will provide a reminder.

This is not a profit-making enterprise. I have contracted with to produce and ship the shirts at a price that just covers my costs. Will you join me in this effort to create safer streets? Consider some group purchases (saves shipping costs) and help me get these walking/jogging/biking reminder signs on the streets. Or contact me and let’s discuss if we can make this a fund-raising effort for your non-profit group.

Please Note when Ordering: The T shirt sizes run large. For the Kid’s shirt – consult the size chart on the Cafepress website.

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